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Ultrasound Webinar Series: Clinical Conversations


Clinical Conversations is our clinical education webinar program for ultrasound healthcare professionals. 

Our next webinar is: Your New Paradigm for Understanding & Applying Sonographic Principles.

During this event, we will discuss how ultrasound imaging is being advanced by new technologies, giving us better ways to view and process ultrasound. In the following lecture we will review the journey of ultrasound technology and principles and how we have created a new paradigm in the fundamentals of processing ultrasound images.

  • Describe the new paradigm for understanding and applying sonographic principles.
  • Review Principle 1 as applied for the past 50 years.
  • Compare Operating Principles 1 and 2.
  • List the image and Doppler characteristics that are improved with Operating Principle 2.
  • List the ways in which the ARDMS, educators, students and sonographers are impacted by the new paradigm.


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