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Resources for Voluson System Cleaning & COVID-19 Guidance


To help in our joint efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19, please find below links which might be useful to you.


Cleaning and Disinfectants

  • Cleaning Products for your Medical Device: LINK
  • Cleaners and Disinfectants for your Ultrasound Probes: LINK


International Resources

  • ISUOG Covid-19 Resources: LINK
  • ISUOG Interim Guidance to help clinical management of Covid-19 infection in pregnancy and puerperium: LINK
  • Ultrasound in OB/GYN Coronavirus in pregnancy and delivery: rapid review: LINK


National Societies of OB/GYN

If you have any questions about the information provided, or if there is additional support we can give you, please send a message on

Thank you for the work you are doing for your patients and community.