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New Lung Ultrasound Imaging Information

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How to perform lung ultrasound in pregnant women with suspected COVID

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Understanding Lung Ultrasound: Focus on B-lines.


Voluson Insights

Convex, linear and phased array transducers can be utilized for lung scanning.

  • Convex transducers (C2-9; C4-8; C1-6; C1-5; 4C) provide the depth needed to image the entire lung.
  • Linear transducers(12L; 9L) deliver the optimal resolution and detail when examining the pleural line or subpleural consolidations.
  • Phased Array transducers (M5Sc; S4-10; 3Sc) offer a 1-probe solution for an overview of the lungs, heart and abdomen.

Lung Imaging Steps:

Convex Transducer: Begin in Routine OB or Abdomen application

Linear: Begin in MSK of Routine Small Parts application

Phased Array: Begin in Abdomen application

  • Adjust 11-13cm starting depth for average adults
  • Adjust the focal zone to the level of the pleural line
  • Low level of persistence or frame averaging required to visualize the sliding sign of the pleura
  • CrossXBeamCRI imaging should be off when evaluating B-lines
  • Select a gray map and dynamic contrast levels that assists in highlighting A-line and B-lines (higher contrast makes B-lines easier to distinguish)
  • Uniform gain (increased brightness could makes B-line difficult to differentiate from the surrounding artifacts)

Example of starting parameters for convex transducers:

Evaluating the entire lung for B-Lines:

  • HI: Harmonics Off
  • Frequency to Res or Normal based on body habitus
  • XBeam CRI: Off CrossXBeamCRI
  • SRI: Off
  • Dyn. Cont. 7
  • Sub 2D: Gray Map 7
  • Sub 2D: Line Filter High
  • Sub 2D: Persistence 1
  • Enhance 3

Focus on the Pleural Line:

  • HI: Harmonics Low
  • XBeam CRI: 1 CrossXBeamCRI
  • SRI: 1
  • Dyn. Cont. 7
  • Sub 2D: Gray Map 7
  • Sub 2D: Line Filter High
  • Frame Averaging 0
  • CRI filter off
  • Enhance 3

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