The Real Power of AI in Women’s Health

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become part of our everyday lives—reducing tasks and simplifying our daily routines. It’s also beginning to play an important role in women’s health—helping to improve the delivery of care and efficiency of ultrasound exams. GE Healthcare is already looking to the future and has introduced tools that allow you to do what you do best – focus on patients.

Image Recognition

Harnessing the power of AI, new SonoLyst* applies image recognition to automatically identify fetal anatomy seen on standard views. Simply scan and freeze—and allow SonoLystIR to do the rest. SonoLystIR automatically detects anatomy and applies applicable annotations and measurements. All you do is confirm, and data is entered into the Scan Assistant checklist and report— enhancing workflow and reducing variability between operators for improved consistency.

Another aspect of SonoLyst is the ability to build and refine skills of less experienced users. SonoLystX is your virtual, on-board ultrasound expert. Acting like a personal scanning assistant, it compares the image or view acquired to standardized expert image criteria to ensure it contains the required anatomy for the imaging plane. SonoLystX is ideal for teaching and training. Progress can be monitored for quality assurance to ensure the highest quality imaging standards and consistency.

SonoLystX on the new Voluson SWIFT Ultrasound System
Screen of SonoLystIR on the new Voluson SWIFT Ultrasound System


Physicians and sonographers commonly manipulate volume data to find specific planes to investigate fetal anatomy. This requires skill, precision, and time. With Voluson’s SonoCNS, the user simply obtains a volume of the fetal head and SonoCNS identifies the appropriate planes and performs the measurements, reducing keystrokes by 82% over manual process and providing greater reproducibility between users.

Quick evaluation with AI-based Sono CNS

AI is only just beginning to be recognized and applied in ultrasound. Future applications will allow you to make diagnoses even faster and with far greater precision.

*SonoLyst incorporates the AI technology of Intelligent Ultrasound