Assisted Reproductive Technology

Realize the Possibilities

Your success is defined by life. Prospective parents seek out your expertise in order to conceive. As a leader in Women’s Health Ultrasound, GE Healthcare understands the impact that infertility has on patients’ lives and your practice. That’s why our Voluson™ ultrasound systems continually push the boundaries of Reproductive Medicine imaging to give you simple, yet innovative tools to help you and your patients achieve their dream of a successful pregnancy.

Life Changing Answers

Why can’t we conceive? That’s one of many questions your patients will ask. Voluson ultrasound systems can help you obtain the clinical information to answer these essential questions, effortlessly. Voluson Core Architecture provides easy, fast acquisition of 2D, color and 3D/4D images with excellent resolution & penetration. The result, the critical information you need whether evaluating normal anatomy or pathology – all with minimal system manipulation.

Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) enhances subtle soft-tissue differences and when combined with OmniView any plane can be visualized, including irregularly contoured anatomy.

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The Value of Time

Follicle tracking is one of the most critical aspects of fertility management and a challenge to workflow efficiency when you have multiple patients to see in a short amount of time. Manage your busy schedule while providing quality outcomes with Voluson Sono-automation tools that can help enhance consistency and reduce scan time.

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With Wide Sector, on the endocavity probe see more anatomical information with the 185° field of view (FOV) additionally , BetaView steers the scan plane via crystal movement rather than physical probe manipulation for greater patient comfort.

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Optimized Oocyte Retrieval

Clear needle visualization is essential for optimal oocyte retrieval and GE Healthcare and Vitrolife have partnered to provide an industry leading solution for oocyte retrieval. Voluson ultrasound systems have been optimized to provide extraordinary needle visibility when used in conjunction the Vitrolife Sense needle.

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The excellent resolution and penetration of the Voluson Core Architecture allows for clear follicle and needle visualization with minimal image manipulation.

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Confirming a Dream

The first ultrasound, when parents can visualize a pregnancy is an emotional time - especially for patients who have gone through infertility treatment. With the extraordinary 2D and 3D imaging provided by Voluson ultrasound systems, you can visually confirm what parents and you have been envisioning, a viable pregnancy. Instantly share images and clips of this special moment with a patient’s family. Images, clips, and reports can also be shared instantly and securely with colleagues using Tricefy™ inside.

Quickly and confidently confirm pregnancy viability. High-Definition Zoom (HD-Zoom) maintains excellent integrity for optimal visualization of the fetal pole and gestational sac.

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