Remote Support


With GE you have now the possibility to access to GE clinical and technical experts during the lifecycle of your system. Having your system connected will benefit you in several ways:

Help save time:

  • By minimizing downtime with fast access to GE experts
  • 30% of issues on an ultrasound system are repaired remotely and often 3 times quicker*
  • If your ultrasound cannot be repaired remotely, 90% of issues are resolved on the 1st visit*

Make full use of your console’s capabilities with clinical support

Keep your ultrasound system up to date:

  • With the latest break through technologies thanks to remote software upgrades
  • With the latest security features thanks to OS patches installed remotely

Optimize your ultrasound fleet

  • Maximize asset utilization and budget management
  • Keep an eye on equipment maintenance with iCenter™

The privacy and security of your practice and your patients is controlled We follow GDPR law and we are ISO 27001 certified

To benefit from these services, your system must be connected. Now if you own one of these systems:
  • Voluson E10 acquired between September 2017 to September 2018
  • Voluson E8 acquired between September 2017 to September 2018
You have the possibility to connect your system by yourself! Please, follow these two steps:
Step 1 Network Settings
Step 2 Please follow the instructions of this video (please note that the procedure in this video does not apply for Spain or Portugal).
« Click here to get access to these videos also in Spanish, Polish, Geman, French »

If you face any problem to connect, feel free to contact us.
If you don’t have one of the above system and would like to connect, please contact us:


* GE Internal data