Obtain the latest Voluson system when you trade in your old ultrasound.*

Obtain the latest Voluson system when you trade in your old ultrasound.*

Are you interested in boosting your imaging power?

With Voluson you can deliver truly exceptional care – confidently and efficiently – every time – keeping you at the forefront of women’s health care.

Voluson encompasses the fastest, most advanced imaging capabilities combined with efficiency and security features to help you to provide confident patient answers, faster.

Voluson image quality – clarity with ease.

The latest image-quality features will enable you to deliver more clinical value for your patients.

Radiantflow Achieve a new standard of color Doppler with Radiantflow™—delivering easy, fast visualization of even the tiniest of vessels.

SlowflowHD Expand the range of visible blood flow to include low velocities with SlowflowHD to visualize blood perfusion.

Uterine Trace Automatically extract the coronal view in three simple steps, making 3D scanning effortless.

Uterine Trace Taking the effort out of 3D with Uterine Trace—in 3 simple steps, obtain the coronal plane of the uterus. Links directly to Uterine Classification pictograms for easy documentation of uterine shape

HDliveTM – A suite of technologies.

While conventional ultrasound rendering uses a fixed light source reflecting light off the skin surface, HDlive delivers customizable virtual light sources. Select the light target area, direction, and intensity to highlight depth perception and internal structures.

HDlive Silhouette Dynamically apply transparency to rendered structures for a more thorough view of anatomy from a solid surface structure to developing internal anatomy.

HDlive Studio Illuminate fluid and anatomy with up to three independent light sources of variable intensity to focus on even the tiniest of structures.

HDlive Flow Clearly display vascular structures and orientation with greater dimension and illumination.

HDlive Flow Silhouette Visualize blood vessels and fetal heart flow to provide greater insight transparently through vascular anatomy.

*This special offer is not limited to Voluson systems only. Trade in value conditions will be dependent on type, model, age of system.
Final value to be agreed on with the local GE Healthcare sales representative.