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Congenital heart defects are one of the most common and most difficult fetal anomalies to detect. Identifying fetal cardiac abnormalities earlier means you can intervene sooner, plan for delivery and potentially improve outcomes. With Voluson™ ultrasound systems, we aim to help you improve patient care with innovative technologies that allow you to focus on early identification rather than late diagnosis. GE Healthcare’s dedication, coupled with collaboration with fetal echo experts, has led to the development of progressive tools to help distinguish the tiniest structures with stunning clarity and to help simplify assessment and monitoring of the fetal heart. With high resolution imaging and dedicated tools, Voluson ultrasound systems can help you to provide confident patient answers, faster.

Early Detection Creates Stronger Outlooks

With complex fetal heart anatomy and varied operator experience, suboptimal CHD detection rates continue to persist. Simplifying the ultrasound exam process and providing a fetal heart assessment earlier in pregnancy can help increase detection rates, uncovering structural anomalies sooner, positively impacting lives.

Voluson™ offers dedicated fetal heart imaging tools to support fetal heart assessment. SonoVCAD™heart, for example, is a volume automated tool which helps standardize orientation of the fetal heart. With 3 easy clicks, you can automatically obtain the recommended views of the fetal heart from a single STIC or eSTIC.

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Obtain spectacular 2D and 3D/4D images with increased penetration and clarity

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Guiding the Way to Higher Diagnostic Standards

When a heart anomaly is suspected, patients and referring physicians look to you to define it.

With 1 out of 110 babies born with a congenital heart defect and ventricular septal defects (VSD) occurring in 1 out of 240 babies born, you require cutting edge tools that help provide more clarity, more speed and more flexibility to find answers to your challenging exams.

Learn more about how you can obtain answers faster with the Voluson comprehensive fetal heart tools including e4D probe technology, Radiantflow™, and HDlive™.

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Achieve a new standard of color Doppler – Radiantflow™ delivers easy, fast visualization of blood flow using the amplitude of the Color Doppler signal to enhance the robustness and create a 3D-like appearance.

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Complex Anatomy requires Cutting Edge Tools

Not only anomalies can impact the fetal heart. Arrythmias, maternal factors and pregnance related complications such as IUGR and Twin to Twin Transfusion can impact the function of the fetal heart.

With exceptional 2D, robust color, tissue & pulsed wave Doppler, advanced measurements; and the dedicated fetalHQ imaging tool, Voluson Ultrasound systems support the varying needs of pediatric cardiology to maternal fetal medicine – so you can intervene sooner; plan for delivery; and potentially improve the outcomes for the baby and mother.

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Changes in size and shape of the fetal heart can be an early warning to cardiac dysfunction – Utilize Global Sphericity Index (GSI) to track changes over time. Comparative nomograms and Z-scores available onboard the Voluson.

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