Ultrasound Technology & Innovation

How Ultrasound Imaging Technology Changes Lives

Get answers to popular questions about the role ultrasound imaging technology can play in your practice and how it can improve patient care.

Incorporating ultrasound imaging technology routinely into your gynecology practice can save time and money while improving patient satisfaction. Find out more about the recent advances made in ultrasound technology and how this imaging might play a role in your practice.

  1. How do advances in 3D ultrasound imaging technology enhance patient care? 3D ultrasound imaging has come a long way, including better image quality and robust diagnostic features. These features mean physicians can diagnose problems accurately and less invasively than in the past. Learn more about how these developments have changed patient care.
  2. How has 3D ultrasound advanced the practice of gynecology? New ultrasound technology with 3D imaging has enabled gynecologists to improve diagnoses and patient satisfaction. When compared to 2D imaging, 3D imaging allows for visualization of the coronal plane, which enhances diagnostic capability and functionality for routine events, such as intrauterine device (IUD) placement. Learn more about the role 3D ultrasound has played in everyday practices.
  3. Can 3D ultrasound technologies improve care in gynecology? 3D ultrasound may be common in obstetrics, but it also improves patient care in gynecology. This technology provides faster diagnosis than 2D ultrasound or other, more invasive options — and it saves money over MRI or other imaging tools. Plus, patients can get answers right there in the office, without an additional referral, improving patient satisfaction. Learn more about the benefits of 3D ultrasound in gynecology.
  4. How can 3D ultrasound assist IUD placement? Using 3D ultrasound for an IUD placement procedure provides more detail of the coronal plane, which can assist with determining proper positioning. Given the popularity of IUDs, it's important to ensure proper placement while detecting any potential problems. Check out this guide on how to examine IUDs with 3D ultrasound.
  5. What role does ultrasound play in a wellness exam? Gynecological ultrasound can help diagnose or rule out issues related to common complaints during a wellness exam. Women with irregular bleeding, pain or other issues can get an ultrasound at their visit and receive answers right away. View these recommendations on when to use ultrasound during an annual visit.
  6. What are the safety benefits of ultrasound imaging? Ultrasound can provide images with clarity and detail that rival PET, CT and MRI scans at a lower cost and without the risk of radiation. Relying on ultrasound as a first-line option helps patients avoid multiple imaging scans. Learn more about the safety of ultrasound imaging.
  7. How can ultrasound improve patient experience? Improving the patient experience with ultrasound is possible. Patients get timely answers at a practice they're comfortable with and from a physician they trust. Ultrasound imaging at the point of care allows for more shared decision-making between clinician and patient. Learn more about the role ultrasound can play in the patient experience.
  8. How can investing in a 3D ultrasound system save money? Ultrasound is convenient and familiar for most women. When performed in the office, patients don't have to be referred out, thereby building patient loyalty and also saving time and money for your practice. Discover the benefits of investing in a 3D ultrasound system.

Patients ultimately look for convenience, cost savings and timely answers to their health concerns. Ultrasound imaging at the point of care can help you improve relationships with your patients through shared decision-making. Further, advances in imaging technology provide diagnostic accuracy and confidence in recommending any next steps for your patients.